Looking for a generalist tv in english and available on the Internet


To improve my English, I’m looking for a generalist TV in English. By generalist, I mean, a TV where is showed various programs, which can be: movies, documentaries, sport, news, and so on. Obviously, the TV which I’m looking for, have to be available on the Internet, because I’m in France and it’s the only way I have to get a non-french TV.
I found a lot of english TV on the Internet, but most of them are news TV or shopping TV 24/7. Witch it’s not interesting for me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you like to watch or read the mystery, go to CBSNews.com and watch some episodes of 48 Hours Mystery.

Click “48 HOURS” and then click “FULL EPISODES”
There are a lot of full episodes and one episode is about 40 minutes long. I often watch this show and get hooked it. Even if I can catch what they say completely, I can follow the story and enjoy the show. I sometimes record this show and listen to it with my MP3 prayer. You can read the story (not transcript) on screen. I often import these stories (text only) into LingQ and read them at LingQ.

“60 Minutes” in CBS is another good TV program. It contains News, Sports, Science and Entertainment. You can watch full length show.

Hope you like it.

There is PressTV. A channel which you can find it in any satellite TV. Here you can find what you are looking for. Documentaries, news, sport news, debates, interviews and many other interesting programs in English. But the only thing they don’t show is movie.

Hello tomaSito;
Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately, presstv
don’t fit my needs.
That’s not the kind of tv I’m seeking about. Presstv
seems to be a news tv from iran, just like France 24
(news tv from france) or cnn (new chanel from usa).
There’s a dozen of news chanels available on the web.
Rather, I need a chanel where’s showed various program
as various as entertainement, games, sport, news, documentary,
movies, and so forth.
In presstv, there’re showing news (palistine, iran,
Talibans, irak…) every half hour !

So, definitely, presstv isn’t a generalist tv as M6 (a french tv) or TF1 (another french tv) can be.

anyway, thanks again for your help and I wish you a good weekend.

You can find lots of interesting programs on eztv.it
You can use a torrent client that supports streaming and watch a show while it’s being downloaded. I’ve heard about the French three-strikes law that prevents people from downloading stuff from the Internet illegally, so be careful :wink:

Have you tried the shows on the Comedy Central network (www.comedycentral.com). This includes the Daily Show which is a sort of news/comedy combination which is very popular in the USA - they show news clips and make fun of them. I think comedy is one of the hardest things to mentally translate though.
For British shows I would think the bbc could provide you with everything you need. They had a 3-show Sherlock Holmes miniseries this year that was very good, and of course they do a variety of things. The USA doesn’t really have an equivalent unless it’s PBS, for Canada it would be CBC.
The late night talk shows (David Letterman, Jay Leno, etc) have a lot of “pop culture” interviews and nothing very “heavy”.
I don’t know if you have access to ITunes, but there are several popular TV series that will let you buy a subscription to the series on ITunes. I think you could do that with How I Met Your Mother or Glee or Mad Men. I think for entertainment news there used to be a show called Entertainment Tonight that you could probably find on the internet.

Will they let you stream hulu.com from France? Or do they restrict it to USA only?