Looking for a Dutch tutor

If you are Dutch and want to learn German or English we can do some tandem. If you are a teacher, maybe you offer conversations with a report through LingQ. Unfortunately I have not found a Dutch teacher for August, but if you are interested, please contact me…

Hello Safran, @Fasulye is another German Dutch speaker. I think her level is quite high. Perhaps you could approach her for some general conversation? She speaks a lot of languages if I remember correctly.

I don’t work as a tutor for LingQ, but I have a C2 - level in Dutch. If you can offer me Spanish, we could try out a Skype-tandem 30 minutes Dutch / 30 minutes Spanish. For English I am a member of an English / German Skype - group, so I have enough English speaking practise. I know that Silvia does tutoring on LingQ, but she’s still on holidays, if I am well informed. She told me that she will be back in September.


I am a Dutch native and I would like to communicate in Dutch with you!

@ Fasulye, that sounds great! Of course, I can help you with Spanish and we can do tandem.

@tinkleburg, that is very kind of you, if you like, we can also do some tandem.

@Sanne thx