Looking for a business English collection

I’ve had students asking me about material for improving their business English. The ideal thing would be a collection with a dozen or so articles in. Looking in the English library I can only find collections with 1, 2 or 3 business articles in. I’d like to create a bigger collection.

Do we have permission to import ‘Voice of America’ articles? If so I might create a collection from them.

I don’t know about permission, but I definitely need more business collections.
Thanks Helen for your efforts.

I plan to get a business English course together for January. I’m hunting round for materials now.

Hi, here are podcasts with business English and transcript:
It is not allowed to share them but you can import it for your own purpose.

Thanks Vera.

We do have quite a few content items that relate to business in the library, at least for English. I believe we are allowed to use VOA and are doing so. I will check with Mark.

We have 6 pages (25 items per page) of content in Business and Economics. I suggest that is a lot of content for most people.

There’s lots of content Steve…it’s just spread out over a lot of short collections. I want one business English collection I can base a 12-week course on. Maybe another one for technology too.

I may be able to rearrange these in Collections. Do you want to suggest to me which items you would like to have in which collections or will you leave it up to me?

I take that back.

There would be a lot work involved in rearranging the collections. I think it is quite sufficient to indicate which items you are going to cover in a course. Some collections have more items and some have less, and you could indicate in the introduction to the course that you will focus in the following collections, or you can simply say that the items will come from the Business and Economics Section of the Library.

Anyone studying on their own can explore the section on their own.

VOA content can be used and shared by anyone.

What about The Digital Marketer? http://digitalmarketer.quickanddirtytips.com/EpisodeList.aspx
I follow her for technological reasons, but she always refers to technology for business proposes. There are few items from this collection in the Science and Technology section of the LingQ library.
May be you find something useful on Manager Tools http://www.manager-tools.com/manager-tools-basics/ or professionals’ podcasts on British Council http://www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish-podcasts-professionals-archive.htm
I don’t listen to those shows, but the sites seem promising.

Thanks Inablau! I shall look into them.