Longer terms saved are partially covered by the status indicator

When using my flashcards I notice that the small white rectangle in which the status of the term is shown partly covers the term I am learning. This didn’t happen before the update, so I think it might be fixable.

I’ve recognized the same problem.
For me it is not priority 1 but it would be nice if you’ll fix it in the future.

I assume this is when you have a long term there. I will add it to the list.

Yes, the letters 45 to 52 are partly covered. It happens mostly in learning sentences or words from highly agglutinative languages. Dutch is such a language in which words have a highly developed feeling for social activity and just stick together until all that a term is meant to mean has become one word, so in time (for people learning Dutch on LingQ) it could be a problem even is a phrase they save is only three words long :slight_smile: Until you fix it I think we can now avoid the problem by linking shorter terms. Thanks for adding it to the list!