Long time users - Can you share techniques to use Lingq effectively please?

So as a new user and life being short I was hoping maybe those who have used lingq for a while could share their thoughts on how to get the best out of it?
In particular:
If starting again what would you not do?
What was a waste of time?
Do you reread texts you´ve done often or just keep consuming content?

I find the srs system not as effective as others and the building up of words particularly at the start is too massive to revise effectively. Is there an efficient way to do so?
Finally I´ve searched but cannot find a way so is there a way to add images to the srs part??
Oh and finally finally :slight_smile: I´m just reading and adding words and phrases. Am i missing something here?

Danke schön!!

“Oh and finally finally :slight_smile: I´m just reading and adding words and phrases. Am i missing something here?”

You are not, IMO. And that’s the answer to your question. I don’t think there’s a lot to explain about Lingq. There are many add-ons that you can use if you like them, but at its core, Lingq is a tool that helps you read texts that are far over your current level in the language in the most painless way that is actually possible (you can’t avoid some, or even a lot of effort). Everything else is optional. I did listen to recorded texts when I was starting on Lingq and I’ve gone through some flashcards from time to time but now all I do is read interesting (“compelling”) challenging real material. It’s a very simple concept but an incredibly powerful one. Stick to it and you’re guaranteed to progress in the language to a really high level. Of course, you must do other things along the way: listen to audio (which you can also do on Lingq but I mostly do outside it), watch videos and talk to natives. But all those other activities are dependent on your acquiring a rich vocabulary that you can really understand and that you know how it “works”. You can only achieve the latter by learning it in context.
Acquiring that contextualized vocabulary is what takes more time and requires more effort in the whole learning process. Most language methods help you with all the other parts and leave out this one for you.
Lingq makes sure that you reach that goal and even makes the process immensely enjoyable (although it’s still demanding, as I wrote before).
Keep “reading and adding words and phrases” and you’ll learn the language.

Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg!


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Really helpful and much appreciated!

If I started again I would focus on matching genders to nouns and I would read over things more carefully and make sure I understand how the grammar is working in each case. This is very important if you want to speak German well.

I do no use the SRS. I just go through texts and review new words when I see them again.