LOL - Have we all just been wasting our time then?


ha ha ha, nice take on languages.

I promise, I can last more than 11 seconds, probably 2 minutes because I’ve been working on it.

I think it depends on the person. There are definitely under 11 second people and above 11 second people.

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yeah thats funny

Does anyone else here learn languages as a way to not talk to people?
Like, I live in an english-speaking country
and when people try to talk with me on the street
I respond with broken french to try and put them off.

Is anyone else here learning languages to try and escape from provincial backwoods monolingual betas?


Well it helps to be able to switch to avoid sales people when you are on vacation and in similar situations.

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I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it…great strategy, LOL!

I spoke German to this salesperson in the mall. There was a stand selling some face makeup remover or something and those sales people were persistent! (Men aren’t interested in that sort of product usually but they seemed to think it would make a great gift for a lady friend in my life…)

It totally worked. The person was like what??? But I felt guilty afterwards.