Little inconveniences

Sometimes on a website, such as LingQ, there are little things which may have been overlooked but which cause users a little bit of annoyance.

In the profile page, on the progress snapshot, there are two improvements which could be made:

  1. Which language is selected? When there are quite a few language on the snapshot, I find it difficult to tell which I’m looking at.

  2. When I want to look at “all time” on the snapshots, and want to change from language to language, it goes back to the default “7 days”.

These are not major priority problems and don’t need to be fixed any time soon. They are just little things which could make the site run a little smoother for the user. I think that’s a part of all development: 1 - feature creation and 2 - smoothing everything out in the wake of those features. :slight_smile:

Surely there are some other minor things which people can think of which would help keep some more users at LingQ?

Please keep the wish lists coming. We have so many things on our plate that we may not get to them too soon but we do appreciate knowing what people want.

Great. I hope these can be seen as constructive criticism but without pressure. As I keep playing around with the site, I’ll keep listing anything I find here.

It is inconvenient to invite friends to discussions, as my list of friends is rather long. So, I would like to have groups for friends. I would create the “English: Unprepared presentation” group, add all friends with whom I came across at Helen’s discussions and next time send invitation to them.

Perhaps a way to put them into groups when you add them and also in the friends page?

I just use the Control + F search function to find their user name in the list, that way it goes quite quickly.

I’d like to be able to unclick entire hour blocks at a time on the conversation scheduler in the same way that you can click them.

I just use the Control + F search function to find their user name in the list, that way it goes quite quickly.
But if you don’t remember the exact username? I remember that I used to speak with Naomi and Yvon (and even added them to my friendlist), but I don’t remember their usernames…

Another thing I just thought of:

On the lessons page there is the ability to “sort by” with several options. This is a great feature but I find myself, at least at this stage, wanting it to be left on A-Z. Perhaps it can be left on the last choice by default?

For tutors it would be also rather convenient. For example, Helen knows that Friday 1pm GMT timeslot is convenient for Hitomi and other Japanese members, so she can create “Friday 1pm” group and when she posts new conversation at Friday 1pm GMT, send invitation for this group.

Hi everybody,
A little thing which is inconvenient too : On the library or in the Vocabulary window, when there is many pages we don’t know if we are at the page 1, or 2 or 3…The link towars the différent pages look like the same. The page where we are, is not différentiate.

I sometimes have lessons which have still either all or partly green symbols at the top, ie lessons I have not worked through fully. Is there a way we can search for those? Could we search for ’ not yet downloaded’, for example?

Again about discussions :slight_smile:

At friends’ activity list, when a tutor post a new group conversation it is shown as link to this conversation. But when some friend signs up for a group conversation, there is only message “X just singed up for Y discussion hosted by Z”. It would be nice to provide link to this conversation, as well as provide information about date/time of this conversation.