Little achievement - a big reason to CELEBRATE

A short story from not that long ago.
I was traveling by train with a friend of mine. We were playing some kind of a quiz game on his phone and that question came by. It contained 2 words in Italian. I knew them and thanks to that we were able to choose the correct answer and win. When I told my friend the meaning of those words, he looked at me like I was some kind of a genius - he had no idea I am learning Italian. My ego went through the roof. Then there were some people who heard us. Some of them gave me that look. THAT look. My ego went straight to the sky!!!
It’s been only a short time since I’ve started learning Italian and I can already find some great situations in which I can shine.

Don’t you experience similar occasions in your day to day life? Maybe you just don’t notice them and they’re there!
I learned to notice little things and being grateful.
Every time I accomplish a little task, I celebrate. Nothing spectacular, just a coffee break or a gesture of triumph. It gives me immediate pleasure and satisfaction and keeps me going.

You guys should try it!