Listening without transcripts

Hi guys,

How effective do you find listening without transcripts?

I’m at a stage where Ive gone through a decent amount of LingQ content that interests me, and I have paid for some transcriptions.

Recently, I’m not willing to pay for more, so I have been listening to content without transcripts.

While I can understand enough to be interested, I don’t think I understand enough to be effective in improving my comprehension. This method strengthens words I already know, but does little in expanding my passive ability.

What do you guys think?

My “Known words” is a good indication of how low my level is, considering I study almost exclusively on LingQ.

Better listening without transcripts than not listening at all.
Other sources: Books with the CD’s belong to them. Songs - many Songs have the lyrics on the internet. I like that because there often are emotions in Songs and when there are strong emotions, I learn far more. The same is truth for spoken text.
My preference is Johnny Cash. He has a well understandable voice. But you have to like his Songs (and to learn what means “ain’t and wanna, gonna” and so on, but that’s not a lost :slight_smile:

Excuse me I didn’t realize your language first. It’s a mistake. But maybe it helps other learners who learn english. Sorry.

Although it it applies to all languages but maybe not the part about J. Cash.

It is a good starter, but sooner or later it is a good idea to read the transcript at least once.

That is what I do.I listen some 10 times without reading then I read 1 to 3 times.

Right now, I’m mostly reading novels here at Lingq without audio and then watching youtube videos about subjects I’m interested in. At my current level, I consider this to be an optimal strategy. The idea is that the videos challenge your listening ability and the texts help learn vocabulary. It works better for me than listening to the same material that I’m reading.
Of course, expect to only understand a part of what you hear.