Listening to Lesson Audio Does Not Generate Coins

Here’s an example of a lesson where listening to the audio (in this case it’s an imported YT video) does not get tracked by LingQ: Login - LingQ


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Thanks, we’ll look into this.

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I thought youtube audio just wasn’t tracked anymore. while we are at it can we look at points added when we manually add?

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What want are you say with “I thought youtube audio just wasn’t tracked anymore”?

I am very dismotivated because I have many problems because the YouTube video no track the estadistic of hours of listening


@zoran Hello Zoran, I am happy to use Lingq in general, because it is the most effective way to learn langueage I know but I see many cases where appear bugs in long used features which frustrates many people. This looks like you don’t use Test Driven Development + automated regresion testing which would dramaticaly reduce incidences where well running function is broken by additional development. I wish less bugs and more happy users :slightly_smiling_face:


I had listened to some youtube audio through lingq a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t tracked. I assumed it was something Lingq stopped doing. Sounds like based on Zoran’s response it is probably a bug and will get fixed

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Yes, this is a bug and we will push a fix soon.


FWIW,listening to playlists isn’t being tracked, either.