Listening time not calculated correctly

I just picked item “RussianLingQ, #5 Apartments. Квартиры” but noticed that one “listen” said 4:12 minutes, while the actual playing time is 12:37. I have seen that for a few other items too, as well as the other way around (when the system says that you have listened longer than you have).

Is it the contributor who states how long the clip is?

Hi Jeff,

The audio duration is entered in by the person who uploads the content. We will eventually pull this information from the mp3 file itself but we haven’t spent the time to make this happen yet. In the meantime, we will have some items up for which the duration is incorrect. Please just let us know when you come across items like this and we will correct the duration.

In actual fact, we do pull the duration from most audio files but in this case this file is not on our server so we can’t do this. The duration for this file was entered in manually and was incorrect. This should now be fixed. Let us know if you find others like this.

Hi mark,

I found that the audio file “EnglishLingQ, Valentine’s day” was a little strange.
The duration was 14:25, but when I downloaded it, I saw the time was 37 minutes or so on my iTune. As I played it, it ended at 14:25. It seemed that some data which was not played remained, but it ended at 14:25.
So I guess the duration time was correct at all, but it seemed a little strange.

Maybe this case and Jeff’s case are not same… and maybe this happened only on me. I just want to let you know.


Thanks for letting us know, gecko! There is something strange happening on some of our audio files. We’ve identified the problem and will fix it in the next few days.

The audio to “Mein Weg zu LingQ, Teil 10” ( is 2:15 long but seems to be set to 0:00 (nothing happens when I increase the number of times I’ve listened to it).

The audio to "The Linguist. Eine persönliche Anleitung für das Sprachenlernen, 5. EIN SPRACHABENTEUER. Der Beginn der Reise
" is 5:45 long but is set to 3:17 (according to the blue arrow indicator)…


Another one, “GermanLingQ, Beginner #1 - Willkommen hier!”, 6:02 according to the blue arrow, but 8:00 in the reality.

(Or rather 9:00)