Listening stats

What do you think of (re-)establishing an automatic count, of of the times listened to a lesson from within the work desk?

Or, if that were not possible, could we have a little “update!” reminder shortly after the audio finishes?

I like seeing the green bar increase but sometimes forget to update manually.

(Yes, I do know you have bigger and better things to do, but it would be nice to have.) Thanks, as always.

Who or what is adding typos into my writing? … count of times. Must be my right hand doing the wrong things.

Whenever I start studying a lesson I intend to listen for 30 minutes (I have my media player on repeat), and adjust the time values accordingly. Since I visit the site a couple of times per day it’s easy to see if have forgotten to update the values.

I figure on doing an hour’s listening a day on my mp3 player (2 if my hay fever is playing up) and manually adjusting my listening stats. It’s not very scientific though.

I would also like to see the statistic words per minute for lessons. Since we have the audio length and the total number of words, the calculation would be simple. Speaking speed is one of the factors in determining whether a lesson is at your level.

Words per minute! I’d like that one too.

Words per minute! Nice Idea Helen! Could be an interesting complement to your ideas about marking (automatically?) the readability levels of the content at LingQ

On the other hand, there may be an opposite trend as well. The simpler the text, the shorter are, in the average, its words, And it should take less time to utter the short words, increasing the resultant words-per-minute just for the simple texts. But, probably, this trend is small. Moreover, I met a research somewhere that stated the following. It is not the time which elapses while the voice is uttering the words, but rather time elapsed while the word is silent between the groups of words ( aka phrases) which effects the intelligibility of slow-to-medium speech at the most. Sorry for my complex text :wink:

time elapsed while the word is silent => the time elapsed while the voice is silent.
A very valuable time indeed -:wink: Good night.

My suggestion for a words per minute counter is only a quick and dirty solution. Nevertheless, 100 WPM is very slow and 160 WPM is very fast.

I went back and looked at my “May Contain Traces of Dodo” collection, which I had intended to be for Intermediate 2s. The syntactical complexity looks about right, but I recorded the audio at over 150 WPM, which in retrospect is probably a bit fast. If I had been READING a text I would probably have slowed down a bit, but it is heavy on dialogue and inner-monologue, and I PERFORMED it at native speed. Oops!

We’re unlikely to add new statistics, at least in the short term. As someone suggested on the API thread, we can try to make the statistics API’s available so that the programmatically capable of you could rig up something yourselves. As for SanneT’s request to automatically track listening time, this is not something we have ever done since we assume (and recommend) that most people do the majority of their listening offline while doing other things.