Listening again to studied content

One thing I’ve discovered in my language studies so far is that I have almost no motivation to listen to studied content items more than the one time. I’m not entirely sure why this is, since I have already mentioned in another thread that I truly enjoy Mariano and Guillermo’s podcasts for Spanish, yet once I have fully LingQed them I simply cannot bring myself to repeatedly listen to them.

Does anyone else have this “problem”?

I find I am most motivated to listen to Spanish when I am WITHOUT a transcript, as this gives it more replay value; I am able to relisten to parts that I missed before and simply provides more enjoyment. Yet I know having the transcript is what will allow me to really start filling in the gaps in my vocabulary. Listening only once doesn’t seem that beneficial, because I am less likely to get the most out of the content I have spent time studying.

I hope to get your thoughts on this!

When Steve talks about listening over and over to the same content, I think he was talking about either beginner content, or advanced content that you can’t understand well.

I doubt anyone listens to LingQ podcasts over and over again. I generally only listen once. I listen through, LingQing as I go, and then that’s pretty much it. If I’m listening to something which is only 5 minutes or so long, I generally listen once without the transcript, and then read and LingQ during the second listen.

When I began Dutch with LingQ (a currently postponed attempt) I was listening repeatedly, and daily, to the same content. I don’t mind doing that with beginner content.

I am like you, Chris. I used to be able to listen repeatedly to the podcasts, but now that I’m more advanced in Spanish I don’t have the interest.

I recently started studying French at LingQ. I was listening repeatedly to beginner content, but it was really boring to me. Instead I am studying content that is probably too difficult, but I am enjoying it more.

Steve’s style is to get to real materials as soon as possible, so he listens many times to content which is above his current level.

He says that once you understand at least 80% of an item, you probably want to move on.