Listen repeatedly until 100% comprehension or just move on?

Listen repeatedly until 100% comprehension or just move on?

Should I keep listening until I understand completely? or mostly? Or just until I get bored?

Any suggestions?

What you do depends on what level you are at, the content, and your priorities at each stage of your language learning, keeping in mind that these are constantly evolving.

If you’re a rank beginner, then most if not all of what you are reading and listening to will undoubtedly include basic vocabulary and grammatical patterns, that is, things you really want to not only know, but know well in order to be able to use them independently in a conversation. Still, you can’t remember everything at first. Instead, each time you listen to the same lesson, some things will stick in your brain better than others. This is natural so don’t worry about it. Listening to something too many times at one sitting is not effective since you get bored and thus aren’t really paying attention and in fact you retain more when you enjoy what you’re listening to/reading. Thus, I suggest doing a lesson 2-3 times the first time if you’re a beginner and then move on. Since the vocabulary is basic, you will encounter it again and the successive new contexts will fix the words and patterns in your brain. However, it is useful to go back to lessons that you’ve already done – and liked – a few days later and even again a week or more later, depending on how important and interesting the content is.

In every lesson, prioritize what words and patterns you want to learn/master right now. and focus on those, leaving aside the ones that aren’t immediately important for YOU. For example, if you listen to a lesson about shopping in a grocery store, learn a couple of common items that you yourself use and forget about the ones you don’t. At some point later in your language learning, you may want to learn the names of more grocery items, but they are probably not high priority right now yet the verbs that go with buying items are probably high priority and will apply to everything.

I also recommend that you not merely read and listen to the lessons, but that you yourself read them OUT LOUD, trying to imitate the pronunciation, rhythm and tone of the native speaker. You need to practice forming new sounds not only of individual words, but how they are strung together in the new language. Reading out loud – and especially repeating often used phrases – will help your ability to converse and recognize these common expressions when spoken by others. When listening for pronunciation, do this separately than when listening for meaning as at first doing both simultaneously is too difficult. Good luck!


Move on.


Keep listening until you’re satisfied.

Move on you need the same words in different context and situation to actually handel them…


In the beginning, I found that listening about 3 times to something was ideal. If I listened more times than that, my english brain just starting assigning wierd meanings to Portuguese words. For example, I like this one 5 minute video on youtube. I watched it over and over. But my brain decided that the guy said “the devil is coming” and later “its just a few”. It sounded like english. I sent the video to a Brazilian friend to help me understand what the guy was actually saying! No more thathan 3 times for me. If I want to learn about a certain topic and learn that vocabulary, I listen, read and watch 10 different things about it, i,stead of the same thing a dozen plus times!


I usually move on, although sometimes I will try to back and read the text, or will even listen again. To me, more important than the decision to listen to something again or not is the challenge to find some content that I like. The reason is that if I like I will get more reading volume, and by the end of the day a greater exposure to volume will generate better results than a small volume even if I study it more with a more intensive workflow. But that’s just the way it works for me.

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