List of tutors on writing page is not informative

There are so many tutors of English now! I had not noticed this until I decided to submit English writing. A lot of names say nothing to me. First, I decided to submit writing to Jonathan, then I noticed that he did not host discussions now, so I checked his profile – he just does not have time for tutoring now. Ok. Tried to find another tutor. Next one was sprachenfreak. But at that time I was not sure what his real name is. So, I find his at the list of my friends, read his name and only after that returned to my submission and finally chose a corrector.
So, my suggestions:

  1. Besides names, show nicknames
  2. To give tutors an opportunity “to be or not to be” at the list of correctors (no time, vacation, just doesn’t like correcting writings)

P.S. Please, don’t suggest me to go at account settings and open the list of all tutors, as it is “https” and at work (I usually submit writings from my work) “https” is disallowed…

We do have specifications for improvements to the corrector list. We hope to have those improvements completed in the next month or so. In the meantime, you will have to deal with it they way you are now. You can also change your corrector if you haven’t got your writing back in a reasonable time. You can always click on the title in the Write list and change the corrector.

It would be good if tutors could dip in and out of writing availability depending on how busy they are that week. I like to correct writing when I have time (it helps me give good feedback to my regular students) but sometimes things can be a bit too hectic here to offer 24-hour turnround. If I’m too busy to talk I have the option to just not offer times for a couple of days.

I think this is a very good suggestion.