List of ignored words

Is there a way to see all your ignored words? I accidentally ignored about 100 words that I meant to make known words yesterday (hitting x repeatedly instead of k), so I’m wondering if there’s any way that I can get those words out of ‘ignored’ and into my known words count.


Nope. It’s physically impossible. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle tells us that there is a fundemental uncertainty to the state of a word, and that it is impossible to tell the difference between a word in the state of being known and a word in the state of being ignored.

As far as i know there is a bit tricky way to do it.
Visit a page
find a section which contains a segment like below:


There is an example how to get a list of your known words.
It is not documented, but you can replace known-words with ignored-words in that particular example and you get what you want. If you are not technical oriented person probably you will need help with that, but it is possible :slight_smile: When you have a list of ignored words you can try to create a lingq fir them, or just mark as known…

@jungleboy - There isn’t a way to batch move them to Known. In fact, once you mark a word as ignored, the only way to move it to known is to highlight it in the text then save it as a LingQ. You can then click the tick mark in the status bar to mark it as known.

It’s kind of a strange workaround, I know, but we’ve had lots of trouble with moving words back and forth between known and ignored, and there wasn’t a quick and obvious fix so we set it up this way instead.

your post is from 1 year ago, is there away now to see my ignored words? I ignored some that I didn’t want to as well

Hi afb,
You are still unable to see list of ignored words. What you can do when you encounter white word which you don’t know is to highlight that word and create LingQ from it.

the problem is that I’ve ignored some words that I should have marked as known

In that case you can just select ignored word and click on “I know this word” button to move it into known words list.