List of feature requests for people to vote on?


Is there any plan to keep a list or sticky thread of feature requests made in these forums? If we all got to vote or agree with suggestions in a more structured way then the job of updating LingQ might be a bit easier.

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@zbrntt - thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we will consider this later as now we have a pretty long list of things we would like to implement or improve. However, we always really appreciate your feedback and ideas!

This is exactly my point. I appreciate you have a lot to do, but maybe someone else will think of this in the future. Are we just going to send lots of separate forum posts, or couldn’t you gather them together in some way? At the least, there could be a forum only for concrete suggestions. That’s just a case of adding a forum, and shouldn’t take much time. At the moment, the LingQ dedicated forum has all sorts of things in it: it’s a bit disorganised.

Suggestions used to be gathered externally for a while, but we all kept posting our wishes and demands in the forum anyway, so the idea of a central point for suggestions died a slow death.