Lisa is trying to work out how to use her new camera

Complete the sentence using a verb + out
The picture shows: She is holding a camera, looking up the camera instructions.
The correct answer is: Lisa is trying to work out how to use her new camera.
In this case, can I use “find out” instead of ”work out”? Does it make sense?
Thank you!!

Is this exercise multiple choice? I would think that “figure out,” “work out,” “find out,” and “make out” would all work. There are probably others I haven’t considered.

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I would say she was trying to “figure out” how “to use her new camera” but I think it’s more of a British thing to say “work out.”

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“figure out” is fine but is more American. In British English, “work out” would mean the same thing. “find out” would be OK but there is a difference in meaning. “make out” usually has a different meaning in British English and wouldn’t work here. Lisa looks confused so “figure out” or “work out” would be better because they have a sense of solving a problem.


I definitely wouldn’t use ‘make out’ here. I don’t even like ‘find out’ here. ‘Figure out’ and ‘work out’ are the two I would use.