Linqs creation and Go Premium popups

Hi! I’m trying to discover the app, but I can’t create any linqs. I know that I’m limited to 20, but I can’t get a single one. What’s worse, is every single time I click on anything on the app, I get a popup suggesting I go Premium.
For example: I click on a lesson, I get the popup, I close it, and then I can read my lesson. I then click on a blue word, the popup opens, I close it, and then I can read the word’s meaning. I select one of the meanings, the word becomes yellow in the background at the same time as the popup appears. I close the popup, and now the word is blue again. I try to click on “1” to say the word is new for me, same thing: the word briefly goes yellow, but by the time I close the new popup, it’s blue again. And on and on. Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this? This is making the reading process very tedious, surely it’s not supposed to function like this, right?

Your account is active since 2019 and you did created 20 LingQs and reached your limit back in 2019. That is why you are limited and can’t create more. You don’t have access to translations and you can’t save more LingQs. You need to upgrade account to Premium for unlimited access.

On the homepage it is mentioned that you get free without premium:

Access available full text translation and notes
SRS vocabulary review tools

So I think, right now, the changes done to the tool recently are not in line with the advertisement/promissed access as the translations do not work anymore. And all the pop ups, I think, are not in line with the promised access for free neither.

Oh I see. They must be in another language than the one I’m studying now, so I hadn’t noticed. Thank you. How about the constant popup thing though? Is it supposed to work that way?

Yes, you don’t have access to translations and dictionaries once you reach your LingQs limit.