LinQ app sentence mode has garbled audio

What’s up with the audio in the LingQ app for sentences? i.e. the Google translator (I assume that’s who she is). She brings in words other than the text for the sentence. Weird. It happens in all 3 languages (German, Italian & Spanish) that I have loaded and is happening on both my devices (Droid MINI and iPad air. I even tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it - no luck. The audio in sentences mode is now broken.
And thank you!


Sorry for the trouble with this. Sentence view should hopefully now be working again. Let us know if this is still causing trouble for you!

Earlier, I couldn’t even read in sentence view on my iPad (I didn’t report it) - instead of a line of Chinese text, only the letter ‘P’ displayed. But today it’s normal
Is the Google/machine voice a permanent fixture of sentence view? If so, sentence view is only good for reading. Being able to read text in sentence view is great though!

Wow, fixed! That’s great thanks! I was afraid it was something on my end - thanks for the swift attention to this. When I import text without audio, the sentence/robot is all I have for audio so I’ve kind of come to expect it there.

Yup, attempting to fix some issues with Chinese/Japanese is what caused this. We’ve reverted the changes :slight_smile:

Absolutely, I can see how this would be important! I too mostly import text without audio, so I know the feeling :slight_smile: