Links for Portuguese content

for the ones who are searching for Portuguese content, I suggest these 2 links:

  1. - I guess Steve will like this, since it has a lot of old traditional books of Brazilian literature read aloud.
  2. - some short tales, updated every Friday.
    These are only initial suggestions, but these sites deserve being more explored. Have fun!

Thank you very much Ana for this, and for the previous references to Portuguese content which you provided and which are buried somewhere in this Forum. We do intend to create a list of resources on the Import page for the each language, perhaps with comments and a rating system. Just another of the many many things we have to do.

Hi, I found info on a program on RTP’s site that deals with the greatest portuguese people. It talks lots of historical figures. It’s everything in Portuguese, but I think someone with some knowledge of Portuguese can take a look at it and select texts…

Here’s the link:

Enjoy it :wink:

Thanks Pedro,

Could you approach them in Portuguese and ask if we are allowed to share this content on LingQ. If we (our Portuguese speaking members) could record these biographies and put them in the store. We could offer the recordings to this site in exchange.