Linking Words and Linking Sentences

Hello everyone,

I had a quick question in regards to linking words as well as sentences which contain those words.

In Russian I find it easier to find a correct sentence within the proper context and link it with a description of what it means.

Like saying: “How are you doing today?” So I want to link that whole sentence, but I also want to link those words as well because “you” can be included in other sentences too.

I have one link - “Как дела?” and I also want to make another link for just Как and another for дела.

Thank you!

EDIT: I see that I can add them in the Vocabulary section or when seeing the linked sentence on the right I can click each word and just add a meaning. :slight_smile: !! Great system!! I love LingQ!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @UkrCharmRussa - great to hear you have figured out how to do it! Удачи в изучении русского языка! :slight_smile: