Linking in android tablets

I love my nexus 7. For me is the ideal linking tool. However, I have several problems:

  1. I am unable of linking more than 1 words at the time. I would fantastic if I knew how to select several words at the same time. It seems that the default is always one word. For example, in the sentence “Ma duże książki”, I can select any of this words but if I wanted to select “Ma duże”, I cannot. Terrible.

  2. If a word was previously marked as known, I have not way to make it unknown to create a link with it.

  3. If I have I am reading a long chapter, I would like to link only the words that I do not know, leave the others as blue and stop anytime leaving a bookmark to continue later on. Even better, would be to accept as known words above the bookmark. This would allow to read long chapters without having to go back and mark as known. At this time, I am forced either to leave the chapter with a bunch of blues to be accepted later or slowly accept blues as the come along. The first is inefficient and the second, a real drag.

Maybe it is my ignorance. Maybe that this capabilities are not implemented.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Lusan,
1 & 2) To highlight whole phrase on your LingQ app, or to highlight word which you’ve previously marked as known just press and hold on phrase/word you want, parentheses will appear and you will be able to select part of text you want and then just click on “Add Hint” option on the top right.
3) After you create LingQs from all words which are unknown to you, you can click on “Move all Blue words to Known” button to make all remain blue words in text known.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.