Link to pictures are no longer working

Long time ago, I created some lessons in the course “Fotopirsch”, I inserted a link to pictures like here

At that time, it was possible for the student to click on the link and to look at the pictures.
Now, it does no longer work. What has changed? Or do I have to change anything?

@Irene777 - Some time ago we removed all HTML code from lessons, as these caused issues when saving LingQs. Instead, I recommend adding URLs through the Notes feature found in the Select Resources menu when editing a lesson. You can also use this to write notes for lessons where applicable.

Now, I added the URL there, where you recommended it. But it doesn’t work. The URL is not to see on the page. I think, this place is only made for audio URLs, can that be? My URL is for picasa, and there for pictures, I have in an album, like this

@Irene777 - Here’s a quick screencast of how you can add URLs to the lesson notes section:

If you have further questions please let me know!

Tanks Alex, I will try it.
I discovered that there is anything wrong with my albums, too. I will work on it.

Your screencast is so good that I could work it very well.
The problem is only the following: If I open the URL in the item, I cannot have both things side by side, and I cannot switch from the lesson to the picture and back. If I open the URL, the lesson is no longer available.

Do you have a clue how the way back (from the URL to the item) is possible? Or do I anything in a wrong way?

@Irene777 - Sure, it’s actually pretty easy. At around 0:12 in the screencast you’ll see the popup appear. Where it says “Target”, you can select to have it open up in a new window.

Glad I could help out! :slight_smile:

with your help, I will get smarter every day :slight_smile: It works.
Now I will overwork all these lessons, one after the other.
Thanks again!