Link on home page doesn't lead to forums

If you click “community” on the home page, it just leads to your profile. I had to get to forums by googling…


On your profile, isn’t there a Forum link on the secondary menu? That’s how I got here. I can’t recall for sure, but I thought that was the same as before.

Yes. The Community button ought to go somewhere besides one’s Profile. If not, it should be removed.

I had been using Community to reach the Forum and just assumed that it was taking longer than expected to implement the new feature.

I found my here by accident.

It doesn’t for me! It did yesterday but not today. When I press “community” while on my profile, it just refreshes the page, basically.

I may be misunderstanding, but on the profile, in the line below Community, there is a link to the forum.


yes, that’s the one I use but I’m sure they will remove “Community” or replace it with the new Forum redirect. Personally, I prefer to click on “Community” on the top.

From the “Community” page (which goes initially to your profile, there’s a button to “Forum” in the header of that page (below the main menu). See @hiptothehop’s reply where they included an image of this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how it’s done in the future - initially, the Community button might just lead to the Profile by default since the sub-menu includes all of the Community tools anyways (like Forum, Challenges, Writing Exchange, etc.). So, the Community button isn’t really inaccurate - it just doesn’t go directly to the Forum anymore since the Forum is now an external site.

It’s still a work in progress and we will make some changes there. The link to the Forum can be found at the top left of your Profile page.

I see it now! Somehow I had found it and then forgot how I did it. The Community button is what I used to click before :slight_smile:

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