Linguistic implications of the Brexit?

I predict that it will become common for people to speak 3-4 languages, once they discover LingQ. Thus regional languages will become more important, German in Central and Eastern Europe, Spanish in Southern Europe, Russian in the Eurasian sphere, Chinese in East Asia, and so on, with overlap of course. Now is your chance to get ahead of the game and start spreading the word about LingQ!

A lot of Turks have links to Germany. German could be an option for them??

I disagree. I think most regular people learn English because of the huge, mammoth amount of media available in the language. Basically the ‘big’ bands, movies, blogs, youtube channels, twitter accounts, news sources are in English.

I agree with you. Nationalism and fascism are irrational reactions toward new realities, the good one is open mind and LingQ. The future is multilingual.

Well, this didn’t take long :slight_smile:

Headline from The Huffington Post: After Brexit, French Politicians Want English Language Out Of EU Too

It’s along the lines of what I was thinking.

Yes. It’s easy to be jocular about this issue, but it is an actual possibility that the French government will successfully push for English to lose status as EU working language - and downgrading English would then leave just French as the remaining working language! (EDIT: French and German?)

Right now (with opinion polls showing more than half of the French public wanting to quit the EU) who in Brussels is going to want a big argument with the French over this, I wonder?

Mélenchon and Ménard are populists, the former is a far-left leader and the latter a National Front mayor.

They’re right though, now that you’re going to be out, you have to lose some of your privileges. Like moving the border from Calais to Douvres. It’s a treaty that has nothing to do with the EU but there will be a lot of pressure and it may be part of a deal. It matters much more to the public opinion than the official language of something we don’t really care about.

I think we should do a bilateral deal: the French can have the Isle of White, and in exchange we have Calais! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Is the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union going to deal a fatal blow to the language of Shakespeare on the continent?”


What is there on that island you don’t want anymore? :wink:

I’d rather have Jersey and Guernesey, they remind us of Victor Hugo’s books. And Scotland too, I like their accent.

Thou sayest nay :slight_smile:

“…What is there on that island you don’t want anymore? ;)…”


You can keep it and use it for migrants then. :wink:

As far as I understand, the unification of Scotland and England in 1707 happened because Scotland was starving and needed English funds, and England needed to avoid an military alliance between Scotland and France against them. Well, Scotland isn’t starving anymore, so how about that alliance?

This Brexit thing could have been great news for us had it happened 150 years ago. We could let migrants storm England, form alliances with Scotland and Ireland, call for the finance industry to leave London. :smiley:

Unfortunately what happened after WWI taught us it was wiser not to weaken a wounded neighbour. Too bad, we might not get such a chance before a long time. :confused:

(I’m saying this as a joke but I’ve seen a lot of comments lately saying that we should actually do that)


You mean they would get the goalposts, and you would get the turf? :slight_smile:

Seriously, Scottish independence is surely looking less and less likely? Apparently the EU has now told the SNP they would need to get in line and re-apply as a new member - thus definitely sign up for the Euro as currency. Are all of those famously canny folks north of the border going to chip in with bailouts for the Eurozone??

And there would be all sorts of other financial consequences. Getting Trident out of Scotland might be wonderful news for the CND brigade, but it would cost one helluva lot of Scottish jobs. And how about education? I guess it must be nice to enjoy free university education long after everyone else in the UK had to start paying through the nose? How long would that be able to continue post independence?

I would set up a coastal patrol under the command of Katie Hopkins.

(Only kidding!)

Is it clear that joining the EU means accepting the Euro?

I don’t know if Scotland will continue to offer free university education. Why would it stop?

I was one of the people who had to pay through the nose when going to a Scottish university because I had been living 10 years in London. I still feel a bit bad though, leaving the country the moment I finished my PhD. Of course, with the Brexit, there likely won’t be any job for me back in Britain, since EU science funding won’t be available. I guess I will just stay in Austria.

“…Is it clear that joining the EU means accepting the Euro?..”

My understanding is that this would be an absolute requirement for new members.

“…EU science funding won’t be available…”

This exact point came up at the special Michael Gove edition of BBC Question Time. Mr G patiently pointed out to the questioner that the EU isn’t a magic money tree. We are net contributors to the EU, so “EU funding” is, in actual fact, UK money.

Why on earth would the government not take over the shortfall of funding in university research, after the EU is no longer taking (and partly redistributing) our money?

Of course, whether an independent Scottish government could or would afford to do this is maybe another matter?

Off topic newsflash:

Did I just see a headline saying that Iceland have beaten England 2:1…?

Hmm, that can’t be right. I think someone should petition Downing Street to hold a re-run. Moreover those pesky Vikings should be made to play in their slippers and wearing blind folds this time! :smiley:

(Seriously: well done to them! It’s a great result.)