LingQs with multiple words only working backwards

When I want to create LingQs of phrases, if I highlight the text from left to right it doesn’t work, it only works if I highlight from right to left. Not really impacting the usability, just a little frustrating. Anyone else have this issue?


Seems fine on my end. What browser are you using?

happens to me too from time to time on safari.

side note, I can’t use keyboard short cuts after opening a lesson without refreshing the page. Happens in every lesson

Is what you’re experiencing maybe the issue that I and a few others noticed recently? [Bug Report] Cannot Highlight Phrase When Currently Selec...

I am having issues with speed of creating links this last week. I used Norton utilities and checked with my internet provider, everything is fine with my PC and internet speed. I continue to have issues with the speed of creating links.

Google Chrome, I’ve used it for almost a year with no issues. Nothing has changed on my end that I can think of that would cause this.

Yes! I just tested it and that does seem to be the case.

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Assuming that it’s the same issue as I described here -, then yes. It seems to be happening to many people.

This should actually be fixed. Any chance you can take a video of the issue and send it to support(at) That would be great. Thanks!

This has now been resolved, thx because it was becoming a futile effort!!

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