LingQ's top development priorities

Uops!!! I just realized that in the forum you can automatically use hiperlinks!!! So, the same, but in the profile page (I mean, in the main description area)!

alsuvi: “write more than 1000 characters in the profile page” and "it should be nice to be able to use hiperlinks (html) in the page profile. "

Great suggestions!, it’d be also nice if the lessons would have html too or some sort of editing funtions (more than we have now). By the way I can only get to work the “bold” formatting, not the “underline function”. It’d be nice if we could even use colors for the fonts… etc.
Maybe also insert pictures and youtube videos!.

I agree that 1000 characters is not a lot if you want to introduce yourself in more than one language. I had the same idea long time ago.
I prefer to have the introduction of the student at LingQ. It’s inconvenient to check it with a Link. This could only be a compromise.
To have hyperlinks on the profile would be nice.

Pictures are a “nice to have” functionality, also videos, but I’ve the feeling that videos distract me from concentrating on the text.