LingQs of the day stopped

When I upgraded to the new App ~2 months ago, I suddenly stopped getting LingQs of the Day for both of the languages I am learning. I’ve carried on anyway, but I found that way of learning really useful and it’s not the same without it. Anyone know how to get LingQs of the Day back?


The LingQs of the Day are such a good idea. But I do not seem to get them regularly, too. There are again and again times when I do not get them any more for some days. Then they reappear suddenly. Can anybody tell me why? Is this a bug or is there a reason for it. I think the LingQs of the Day should come daily so that it is possible to develop a routine to look at them and learn them. It would be nice if this problem could be fixed.


Sorry about that. We are familiar with the issue and our developers are looking into it. We already identified the problem and we hope to have it fixed soon.


Thank you, Zoran!

I have also been experiencing this problem. Either the email links don’t arrive or they arrive irregularly so as to make my study schedule impossible to follow. How long is soon still going to be?

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@Potomacker Our developers are looking into it and we hope to have it figured out soon.

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This is the second day that I get this screenshot when attempting to get access to the Lingqs of the day

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Thanks @potomacker, we are looking into the issue.