LingQs of the Day - numbers very different

How can that be possible:
one day over 50 and on the next day only 10 and now one for review (status 4) ?

Anyway for me it is better to have not too much words but I wonder.

I always wait for the possibility to chose the number of words. It would be helpful.

What does other members think about?

There is an algorithm behind that. Mark explained it in another tread.

The email shows all LingQs that you created 1, 4 and 11 days ago that are Status 1-3 and all LingQs created 29 and 64 days ago that are Status 1-4. If Status 4 LingQs are older than 64 days, you will not receive them.

The number of shown LingQs depends on your activity 1, 4, 11, 29 and 64 days ago. Maximum shown LingQs is 100.

Thanks Vera, but this cannot bethe solution, because yesterday I had over fifty and today only ten - the ten new from yesterday without other status words

Irene, what Vera said is correct. You have no other words to show based on the algorithm.

Thanks Mark, It is clear now, I was too long absent :slight_smile: