LingQs of the Day notification

It may seem pathetic, but I do experience a little niggle each morning when I see the notification box turn red to announce today’s arrival of the LingQs of the Day. It then states they arrived more than 7 hours ago (which would have been shortly after 0h00, whereas in reality they turn up from 07h15 onwards).

As I tend to be awake early, it would be great to work on the day’s LingQs the minute they are released. Is there a reason for the apparent “delay” of 7 hours or has it something to do with the time differences not adjusted properly? Do I in fact see them simultaneously with their being sent? All other notifications (from within the forum or from wall posts show me ‘real’ time.

Thanks for the heads up - we’re in PST so it has always appeared to work properly, but after a little more investigation it seems there is an issue here. I will add this to our list and we’ll see if we can get this fixed.

So as to ease your conscience, I should say the notification does appear when the list is generated, rather than 8 hours later. The email is sent out at roughly the same time that the list is generated.