LingQs of the day - no change is possible

If I want to change the sentence for using the word (the hint), I click on “save” after changing, but then, the changing isn’t to see.

On the Card, it is done, but it isn’t to see on the Flash Card.

After closing and then again opening the LingQs of the Day, the change is done! It is only not to see during the meeting.

@Irene777 - we are sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. Do you mean editing LingQs during your flash card session? If I understand, when you edit and save changes, it doesn’t apply immediately, right?

Yes, exactly. I cannot see my changing during the session.
But, how I wrote in the addition, if I open again the flash cards, the changing is to see.

BUT, what happens here with the captcha again???
There are no longer the numbers!

@Irene777 - hmm, that’s strange. I have just tested it on my vocab page. When I am in my flashcard session, click “edit”, change the sentence example, click “save”, I get back to my flashcard and I see a new sentence for that LingQ. Which browser are using now?

Yes, the captcha is still hard to read sometimes but we are working on it now. Meantime, you can click a small “reload” button unless you get a readable captcha. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, Galina, today it works promptly. I don’t know what yesterday happened.

To the captcha:
It was very good when you had the numbers. Numbers are better to read. There was no longer a Problem.
Now, I have to try it more often, it is really annoying and needs a lot of time.

@Irene777 - I am glad to hear that now it works fine!

We are going to push a captcha update for our permanent members soon :slight_smile: