LingQs of the day, lesson bookmarks

LingQs of the day - Is there any way to configure the LingQs of the day? It would be nice to prioritize common words and words with a higher known status. Currently it seems to prioritize recently created LingQs.

Lesson bookmarks - I think there is a bug with the bookmarking system. It’s supposed to keep track of the last LingQ that was selected when viewing the lesson, correct? This seems to work properly until I LingQ every unknown word in a lesson. After I do that, it won’t auto-select the last LingQ selected when I reopen the lesson. If I LingQ all but one word it seems to work properly.

@cgreen0038 - There isn’t any way to customize the algorithm. We do offer the option to export your LingQs so that you can import them into other vocabulary review applications such as Anki or SuperMemo.

Good catch on the second issue! I’ll add that one to our list.

Thanks for the answer. I was afraid that was the case with the LingQs of the day.