Lingqs of the Day have disappeared again (really sick of this now)

I haven’t been receiving my Lingqs of the Day email since July 3rd. When I try to do them manually through the vocavbulary section of the Lingq website the SRS due dates stop at Jul 3rd.

I had problems with the Lingqs of the Day before, and I posted a message here in the support forum and someone from Lingq helped, and they worked again for a few days but then stopped again, and here I am.

The Lingqs of the Day are a HUGE part of my language learning process and why I pay a premium price for this service. I really don’t see why these problems are persisting.

And please don’t ask me if I have notifications turned on because of course I do.

I subscribed you back to our email system, it should be fixed for good now. Sorry about any inconvenience!

Forgive me but this is exactly what you did the previous time in May (Why Am I Not Getting Lingqs Of The Day? - Language Forum ...) and it worked for a few days and then the problem re-occurred.

In the meantime we pushed some fixed that should permanently fix the problem this time.