Lingq's of the Day for more than one language

I have been learning French on Lingq for several years now and I just started my next language, Spanish. I have not been getting Lingq’s of the Day for Spanish. I have checked my settings and I think I should be getting these as well. I am looking for two emails each day, or a toggle on the email I receive for my French Lingq’s of the Day but I can’t find my Spanish Lingq’s of the Day. What am I missing?

It’s just a single email no matter how many languages. Do you not see it in the same email?

No I don’t. I see only the French and I can’t find a way to go from the French Lingqs.

I just found my Spanish Lingqs! The Spanish comes after the French, but in my email, the content is clipped and I have to click on another link to find the button to get to Lingq. Thanks for your patience.