LingQs of the day doesn't come to me

Hi. After Christmas, I haven’t received any LingQs of the day. I haven’t changed any settings at all. Will you check that out?

Sorry about that – you should now be receiving these emails again.

If anyone is having the same problem, be sure to let us know!

Hi Alex, I never received my LingQs of the day email either

@nlamb89 - Hmm. Do you have it set up to receive them? Check your settings on the Settings page and let me know what it shows.

here’s a shot of my settings

Alex, just as a random thing which is just a sensible thing to add: when one selects ‘don’t receive any emails’ the email options should really be greyed out. Just an aesthetic thing really.

Have you changed these settings recently? Also, have you ever received these emails from us?

No I haven’t changed the settings and yes I received a welcome to LingQ email and I get emails when forums I’m watching get posted on but otherwise, never had a LingQs of the day email

Oh I’ve got my first lingqs of the day email :slight_smile:

I finally got a LingQs of the day email. Thanks!

OK, great. Seems it working for both of you now! If you notice any more problems with this, be sure to let us know.