LingQs number


I have a question:
With a free account, we can not create more than 100 LingQs ? Once this limit is reached, we can not save other LingQs, even if we learn some of them ?


Learned LingQs are still in your account. If you want to create more LingQs, you must delete LingQs or upgrade.

Hi Mark,
Oky, so by deleting the learned LingQs, we can add others. Actually, it sounds good to me since it will force me to learn more LingQs before continuing.

In fact it is my experience that we do not “learn” words just because we try. It is actually much more effective to keep these saved words in your database so that you can continue to review them, and to see them highlighted in yellow in future texts.

Finally, you’re right, I jsut upgraded, it gives me more motivation.

Same here! I just became a paying member not a half hour ago! Best thing I have done!

I became a paying “basic” member two weeks ago, it gives you more motivation plus much better functionality because it’s important to see the stored LingQs - even if in status 4 (learned) - to review and reinforce them if forgotten.

I have just upgradet my daughter to a BASIC account. And I pay for my boyfriend’s account. I pay for 3 accounts because I think LingQ is worth it.