Lingqs not working properly

I created new lingqs on a chinese lesson on my account. Problem is that some of the lingqs are not showing on ilingq, when using my iPhone to study. Pretty annoying, please help fix it.

There has been the problem with the odd LingQ not appearing but most of your LingQs should appear in iLingQ. Are these LingQs for which you have edited the term? Do the LingQs show up highlighted in the lesson text on LingQ? Which language are you studying? How many LingQs are we talking about?

Sorry! i see that you are in Chinese. Has anyone else had problems using iLingQ with Chinese?

Sorry about my abrupt complaint yesterday. Its just that, when i posted it, i had just finished creating a ton of lingqs only to find that i couldnt see most of them as i began studying. Anyway, i went to have a looksee. The chinese lesson is called happy chinese. I noticed that the word zuotian (yesterday) didnt show the lingq on ilingq, but nonetheless appeared on the flash cards. I didnt edit this lingq to begin with, just left it as it were, when i created it. Another failed lingq for example was gaiqing (feeling, sensation). Most lingqs did show up though. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you open this lesson on LingQ (not iLingQ), do these words in question show up with a yellow highlight?

Yes, they do show up with a yellow highlight in lingq, but not in ilingq. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I got another lesson from happy chinese, and some of the lingqs here arent working properly as well.

Can you post the link to the lesson that is giving you these errors? The URL can be found at the bottom in the Review and Share section. We’ll continue looking into this.

I just lingqed a bunch on steve’s intro to lingq in the Chinese library but now that I open then up in ilingq only one character is hilited: the first one in the 2 nd para.
I am using wifi signal and other Chinese lessons are loading normally more or less ( although I notice missing lingqs there too)

In case anyone is still wondering, Chinese LingQs should be showing properly in iLingQ now. If you notice any issues be sure to let us know.