LingQs in Multiple Choice Card phrases

Would it be possible to have lingQs show up in the phrases of the multiple choice cards?

Yes I believe so. I’d imagine if you lingqed the word “che” you would see it pretty often, right?

I don’t use the testing features too often, so I’m sure someone could answer more accurately than me. I’m just answering because no one has and its been a while lol.

@pmilone - I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Do you mean you want the yellow highlighting to appear in the phrases on the cards?

@djvlbass - thanks for the helping hand…!

Hi Mark, that’s exactly what I mean.

Just like the way it works in the lessons (yellow if unknown, underlined if known).

It would be awesome to be able to review unknown or forgotten lingQs in the example phrases on the cards.


@pmilone - We have no plans to do this although it would be nice! We will have to keep this in mind the next time we look to update the vocabulary section.

OK, Thanks