lingQs disappear

I added all the words of a lesson to the known words ‘list’. Now I’d like to correct that. I opened the lesson, and started selecting words. One by one they turned blue again, and the new words count increased. I switched to the QuickLingQ View. Added twenty LingQs. Clicked on ‘My Lessons’. Opened the lesson again. The formerly blue words that I lingQed are now not blue (or yellow) and the LingQs are nowhere to be found. Vocabulary is empty.

I also attempted this under the standard view. Selected several unhighlighted words. They turned blue. Went back and created a LingQ for each of those blue words. Navigated to My Lessons, then back into the lesson. LingQs are gone.

That’s strange. Is this only the case when creating LingQs from words that were formerly known? It may be a caching issue, so try either refreshing the lesson page or clearing your browser’s cache. When you go to the My Lessons page then back to the lesson, are you using the back button in your browser or clicking through on the lesson link again?

As a general browsing rule I don’t use the back button. In these examples I always navigated ‘forward’ through the ‘My Lessons’ menu item, and then through to one of my lessons.

I don’t know if it is only the case when creating LingQs from word that were formerly known. That is certainly what I was trying to do in my example. It’s actually the suggested procedure to recover from such a mistake. Simply lingQ the ‘known’ word, and it is removed from the hidden list of ‘known’ words. In my case, that didn’t work.

I created a test lesson with a sentence and repeated the procedure. 10 words in the lesson, I claimed to know all of them. I then selected each word, they turned blue, the ‘New Words’ count on the lesson is incremented. Clicked on the ‘My Lessons’ menu item. Clicked through to the test lesson. Still have blue words, and 10 new words. LingQed all the words. Lesson now has 0 new words, and 10 lingQs. Clicked on the ‘My Lessons’ menu item. Clicked through to the test lesson. Now they are all yellow as expected, and my LingQs are still there. So this time it worked as expected.

However I went back to one of my other lessons, and have tried several times to turn the ‘known’ (not highlighted in any way) words into either ‘unknown’ (blue) or ‘lingQed’ (yellow) words. Deleted the cache and navigated (forward) to the lesson again. Didn’t help. In this particular case the lesson is a Polish one titled “Marek myje ręce”. In that lesson I can’t LingQ several of the words in the first two sentences. For example the words ‘Oto’ or ‘łatwe’. Every time the word turns blue, and then after LingQing yellow, and it appears at right in the list of My LingQs for the lesson. However, navigating back into the lesson shows the changes haven’t stuck.

Is there a chance that when you LingQ a word the UI is updated before the database, and therefore it’s possible the state shown in the browser doesn’t reflect the reality on the server?

I experimented with logging out during the process. That didn’t help. In the end I can only get these words to appear blue. Trying to LingQ them, results in them temporarily appearing in the list of LingQs for the lesson, but after re-accessing the lesson, they are again unhighlighted and the new LingQs are missing from the list. Looks like I can only get them to switch to blue.

Thanks for the detailed information. We’ll be sure to take a look at this issue and figure out what might be causing it.