LingQs cloze test

Why does it say no lingQs to cloze test? The other 3 tests work.

@BtotheB2 - Do these words have a phrase? If they don’t have a phrase then you won’t be able to use the cloze test with them.

Yes they all have a phrase.

@BtotheB2 - It would be helpful then if you could take a screenshot of the page, as this might give us a better indication of why it isn’t working.

Is anyone else having issues with the cloze test?

Everything is normal on the page but when you click cloze test it says “no lingQs to cloze test”, that’s it.

@BtotheB2 - It seems to be working fine here, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you. Is this only on the Vocabulary page, or in lessons as well when selecting the cloze test from the LingQs tab?

It doesn’t work in either.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the cloze test?

The cloze tests work fine on my other account. I had to make this one because it wouldn’t let me change my payment method on the other. Seems like this site is really buggy.

Could you not put my subscription over on my other account?

@BtotheB2 - There was an issue with the update payment information link, but that should be fixed now. If you like, you may want to move back to your original account since you have only been using this new account for what looks to be a few days. Subscriptions are tied to specific accounts, but we can provide a refund for your recent membership payment and you can then resubscribe through your original account. Let us know what you would prefer to do here.

It is difficult to test for all possible uses of the site, hence why there are sometimes issues that pop up. However, we do our best to actively address these issues and provide quick fixes wherever possible. Thank you for letting us know about this issue with the cloze test. As of yet it is unclear what is causing this, and we haven’t had any other reports about this issue. However, we will keep our eyes out and hopefully get a better insight into why this is happening for certain accounts. If you come across any other issues be sure to let us know!

Ok, I’ll resub on my other account. I payed via paypal so should be easy. Should I close this account down now then?

Thanks for your help.

@BtotheB2 - Sure, just email us at support (at) when you have done all this and we’ll go in and process any applicable refunds and make sure everything is set up properly for you.

Hi, the cloze tests were woking for me on this account but now they are not working and it says “no lingQs to cloze test”

Where are The Cloze tests not working? Is this on the vocabulary page or the lesson page? Are all Cloze tests not working?

They don’t work anywhere.

You were aware of this issue 2 years and also 6months ago! it’s the same thing Do The Cloze Tests Work? - Language Forum @ LingQ

@btotheb - It’s possible that the issue you are experiencing is caused by something different than those in the other thread you mention, which is why we’re looking for more information so that we can better identify the cause of this.

You mention that it isn’t working now – what, if anything, is different about the cloze test sessions that worked before and the ones that aren’t working now? Can you go back to one of the sessions that used to work (i.e. open that same lesson, etc.) and see if they are working now?

I reset my account here, they may or may have not been working temporarily after I reset my account.

@btotheb - OK, we will see what we can do here.