LingQing problem

Ones I make LingQ it doesn’t stay in the data base ( My LigQ’s )The problem arrived couple days ago after the upgrade of the system.

Margarita, we are sorry that there are a few problems right now. They should be fixed soon.

just reporting… lingqs are saved but flashcards are empty… will be patient

Shouldn’t be having any more problems with hints now. Sorry for any delay!

I am quite sure that I created many new LinQs but the day after when I opened the same chapter again these LinQs were blue and my translations and comments were not there. Is that possible or did I trink too much Spanish red wine?

Could you give us a specific example where you noticed this? Also, could you try recreating LingQs in that same lesson and seeing if they save?

Alex, perhaps I know what happened. Is it possible that when I click a blue word in order to create a Linq and then I change that word in the box, for instance I change the conjugated verb into the infinitive form, it won’t appear in yellow? (do you understand what I mean?)

Sirob11 - That’s exactly why you don’t see those LingQs. Your LingQed terms are highlighted in yellow in the lessons. If you change the term to a term that is not on the page, it won’t show up yellow any more. Only LingQed terms are highlighted in lessons.

How can I reduce the number of lingQs? I reached the limit

You can either delete LingQs manually by clicking on them in the Vocabulary section and clicking “delete” or you can upgrade to Basic for $10 a month which allows you to have unlimited LingQs. We recommend creating as many LingQs as possible, as they are very beneficial in improving your vocabulary, comprehension and overall fluency.