Lingqing on Ipad 2

I have an iPad 2 and tried to do lingqing on my safari browser with no success. Completed lessons with yellow fields work and they pop up so that I can rate them between 1 and 4. However new lessons with blue and yellow fields dont pop up as on a regular pc browser - really annoying! - I basically cant work on new lessons on my Ipad.

At the moment, I have identified three major weaknesses using the Ipad 2.

  1. Lingqing doesnt work - new lessons can’t be completed
  2. Sound still doesnt work - reading and listening at the same time
  3. Audio files cannot be downloaded.

I understand that it is an issue with flash and how Apple configures the browser on handheld devices.
Anybody has some ideas or solutions? Same experiences?


At this time we don’t support LingQing in mobile browsers. However, if you are looking to work through lessons on your iPad then you may want to try the following:
Sit down at the computer, open a lesson and select QuickLingQ View. Then, go through the list of words (without reading all the context) and save the words that you don’t know.

From there, you can use the iLingQ app to do all the listening, reading and flashcarding you like, and in a nicer format too. As a paying member, the audio file for any lesson you open will be stored locally on your device, so you can listen even when you may not have internet access.

At some point we would love to support LingQing in our mobile app, but we’re not quite there yet :slight_smile:

Does the Ipad2 have a version of Firefox? I have experienced these same shortcomings on Android, butI have found that you “can” LingQ using Firefox (on Android) but it takes some finesse, while pressing on a blue word move your finger up and down in a stroking or tickle motion, for some reason this triggers Firefox’s hover event rather than a click event, and the LingQ suggestion box will pop up for you. Then quickly choose your suggestion before the box disappears. It takes some getting used to, but if you are in a lesson with over 50 blue words or so the “QuickLingQ” tab would take too long to load, so its the only other way.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried the firefox app on my Ipad 2 as recommended by one of the members and surprisingly lingqing works fine with this app. (working on blue fields)

Disadvantages of this App:
You cannot highlight anything in blue for customization purposes, but I am finally able to work on an entire new lesson.
There is only an app for the Iphone out there at the moment, but reading and working on this app on Ipad 2 is OK
Sound files still dont work/ downloading is not possible, but I use the Ipod function on my Ipad2 for listening at the same time.

Although these are semi-ideal solutions, I am relieved that my Ipad 2 has become a powerful Lingq tool which I can basically use everywhere without carrying my laptop.

There is NO Firefox for iPad/iPhone:

@easydialect Seems you use something “Mobile Safari”-like…

My experience using the normal LingQ website on iPhone or iPad has been very disappointing.