LingQing known words: am I missing something?

If you are studying a lesson in which more words are “known” than not, is there an easier way to delete the 600+
known words other than manually clicking off each word? This seems impractical and time-consuming.

There’s an easy way: Just click I KNOW ALL once you’ve lingQ-ed those words you didn’t know.

You can even click I know all right away and then go through and LingQ words, even after they no longer appear highlighted in blue. The known words total adjust.

It would be good to have an “ignore” button which we could use to label non-words, misspelled words, and proper nouns. I no longer use “I know all” because I feel counting non-words is cheating.

Counting non-words is not cheating. What you are doing is removing words that you know so that it will be easier to find unknown words in subsequent texts. The fact that your “known words” count is out be a few percent because of the system we use at LingQ does not make you a cheater, in my view, unless you are using this word count in some disreputable way, and I have not heard of any such suspicious activity in your part of the UK.

Eventually of course the problem goes away. Once you have tens of thousands of known words saved you don’t very often come across “new” words that you actually already know. This is why, at 24 000 “known words”, I can individually select them to “mark as known”.