Lingqing imported content

I’m sorry if I’m repeating a question that has already been answered, but, I imported a large reading into my Korean Lingq. A large number of the words are not in the Lingq database and therefore are not marked yellow/blue. How do I Lingq these words? I tried highlighting them and clicking on them, which used to work before the last update, but it isn’t working anymore. Thanks again for the help!

Unfortunately this is related to a bug that we’re still working on fixing. It prevents words preceded or followed by punctuation. Fixing it is taking a lot longer than we anticipated, but we do hope to have it fixed soon.
In the meantime, a makeshift solution is to copy the text into Microsoft Word, Pages, etc. and use the “Replace All” function to add a space before every period, comma, question mark, etc.

Thanks so much for the really prompt reply! It’s really appreciated!