Lingqing from the forum

I would like to create lingqs right from a forum page. Now, when I found an interesting word or phrase, I copy it and go to the Vocabulary page. Perhaps, this tool would be useful for other lingers too :slight_smile: Also, watching Courses page and Discussion pages I sometimes want to lingq some phrase…
And as the main activity on forum (and other non-Lesson pages) is not creating lingqs there would be button “show/hide lingqing tool”.


You are quite right. This is on our list. We are even thinking we can enable people to LingQ anywhere on the web. Stay with us an we will get there. But we have lots to do yet.


that would be really really great. Where I found Lingq particularly useful was Lingq’s abitlity to track my reading activity and vocabulary. Forgive me but Lingq library is quite narrow to attract an accomplished reader. Whether it would be a browser plug-in or desktop programme or maybe a simple new facility to import a custom text matters little. But I advice you strongly to test your new function how will it work with google books.

You can import texts now. I have relied mostly on imported content in my Russian, once I got past the intermediate stage.

Oh, thank you for letting me know. I will give it a try.

It’s one of LIngQ’s most powerful features…yet it’s not obvious that it exists!

It’s also not immediately obvious to me where I can get my hands on e-texts of Russian novels and literature…other than “on the internet” somewhere. As an intermediate 1 it’s not really an issue for me yet…but one of my goals is to read some Russian classics and I’d sooner run them through LingQ than just, say, read a book :wink:

Done. It works fine, cheers!


It is a powerful feature indeed. There is probably nothing wrong with reading a conventional book albeit such a tool as LingQ out there. I want to know how big my vocabulary is, I want to collect unknown words, I want to categorise unknown words giving the preference to some to keep my language learning activity effective and enjoyable experience.

I am not chasing a particular figure or level. But at the same time I don’t know why I want to know at least approximate figure where my vocabulary is, probably just out of curiosity. I want be there where new words pretty much match the number of unknown words. I wonder what it takes in terms of reading to be there.