LingQ'd button

Is there a way to stop the lingq’d button/feature? Usually I finish with a lesson and have many left over blue words, but I don’t want to add them to my lingqs or make them known. For example, a lesson might have a bunch of names in dialogue that I don’t want to add to known words. Or sometimes I simply want to navigate from the lessons page to say the forum because I am going to go back to the lesson later.

As it is right now, I cannot navigate out of a lesson to another part of the lingq site because of this lingq’d button concept/idea/feature. I click over to the forum and this button keeps opening telling me to add all blue words to known words if I am done.

My understanding is that you are supposed to be able to turn off this feature but this is not working right now.

The objective is to remind people that it is important to the system for learners to click on the LingQ’d button. Many people do not do this. Once they have seen the message they will turn it off.

Incidentally, if there are major sections of a text ,especially imported texts with words or characters that I do not want in a lesson, I will use my Edit pencil to get rid of them. If it is just a matter of few names or numbers, I do not worry about it. I prefer to continue to clear the words that I know, and live with a few hundred extra words in the thousands of “known words” that I have. This works best for the next texts that I read.

The idea of the reminder is just to make sure you know to do this. Once you know you can turn it off in theory. We do apologize that the “Don’t show again” feature is not working. We will be loading up the fix for this in the next day.

Ok, good to know. Thanks for the update :slight_smile: