JSON errors and service crashes

What’s going on? It looks like I’ll be unable to save my streak today.


YESS! Same issue is happening here /:

Same thing here. I get the same error message and I’ve tried using two different iPhones + my laptop and it doesn’t save LingQs or count words anymore. And some lessons can’t be opened. I sent a message to their support. Hope they can get it fixed soon. My 717 day streak noooo!! XD

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Sorry everyone, we’ve had an unexpected issue occur in our database. We are working on it. We’ll update things when we know more.


Same here. This window keeps popping out today.

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Thanks for your prompt response! Hope you can get it sorted out soon. Will lost streaks because of this be able to be repaired?


Thanks. If you could fix it then repair my streak, it would be great. I need to go to bed.

@ChristianTapper @gmeyer feel free to contact me on support(at) in case your streak breaks and I will gladly repair it for you. No problem at all.

I was trying to read an ebook on my nova 3 and lessons were not opening at all; all of a sudden the lingq app was frozen. Same for web version.

RIP 32 day streak. See you in again in a month.

@ColinJohnstonov Just email me on support(at) and I will gladly repair your streak. No problem at all.

Done! Thanks.

Thanks for your patience everyone. We’ve identified the database issue which will require some additional fixes over the next few days or so. In the meantime, we have implemented a workaround which should allow you all to keep using LingQ. Some of the statistics may be affected at least in terms of the information displayed. All your work will be tracked properly on the back end and once we have completed our fixes will be shown correctly and be retroactively made up to date.
No streak activity or site activity will be lost. We will update this thread again when we have more information but, in the meantime, you should be able to use the web and mobile apps again as usual.


I’ll take you up on the offer. It doesn’t seem to be working today either. I did some Lingqs and your site gave me the pop-up that I hit the day’s goal. Then, I navigated to my profile and showed a tally that had note been updated. Please fix your issue and ensue the streak is intact. Many thanks!

@gmeyer Please check Mark’s post above with detailed explanation on what’s going on.

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Don’t try to repair your streak, it isn’t working yet. I’ve lost a few thousand coins while trying to do so. Simply send an email to Zoran at support(at) .