LingQ5 Buggy on Android

Since - reluctantly - upgrading to LingQ5 I have frequent episodes of the software becoming slow and unresponsive, eventually having to be forcefully shut down.

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Sorry to hear that! Are you doing anything specific on the app when it became slow and unresponsive?

No, swiping to change menus becomes delayed, dialogues become erratic, finally I get a message “this app is not responding, do you want to close it”. I then close and reopen, after which it works fine.

I noticed the stop button on the screen where you have the whole text scrolling vertically highlighting the paragraph as the audio plays doesn’t stop playback, it just collapses that view to the one that shows the known/unknown words and keeps playing.

Unrelated to Android bugs, there is some very distracting background noise on at least 3 of the Hebrew Mini Stories, 19, 20, and a previous one (maybe 12?). Is there a way to report this in the app?

Thanks, we will look into it.