Lingq words already marked as known?

Is this somehow possible?

Yes, just left click, hold and highlight any known word or group of words to create a LingQ.

Thanks for the fast answer. Using Firefox this is working, but sadly not in Chrome.

If LingQ appears as though it’s not working try a refresh (F5).

In my experience Firefox is much faster than chrome on LingQ.

It is indeed faster, but it has got problems with the display of chinese characters (different fonts).

It works for me in Chrome and is fast. What about others?

I have no problems with that feature in Chrome. It works perfectly.

After refreshing with F5 it works also in Chrome for me.

I am learning chinese. Is it possible to only mark one character instead of a whole word?

@ausgang - You can edit any term that you save by clicking on it in the dashboard. So you can delete additional characters to be only left with one. However, only words that are recognized by the word splits will be highlighted in yellow in the text.

That’s working. Thanks a lot, motivation is growing.

If you don’t mind, I have another question: Is there a way to add dictionary ressources?

The site is free and provides a lot of authentic sample sentences.

Thanks in advance

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My experience, it’s not possible to mark a single character most of the time. LingQ automatically breaks up words and if it determines three characters are one word, then you’ll be out of luck. With Chinese you’ll be LingQing a lot more phrases than languages with alphabet.